A Few Words From the Author: Chief Chainlien

The Introduction of Pay To Chain
Hi, I'm Aero Wong.
I'm the founder and CEO of Aero Wong LLC. Also, the Chief Chainlien of Pay To Chain. I like to live in my head. Pay To Chain is the imaginative utopia that grows out of my head for: Financial Inclusion.
But as a professional product manager, I know if I want to bridge the gap between utopia and reality, I need to have a feedback loop in place for product management. We can call the feedback loop agile or scrum or any workflow management.
The single purpose of this white paper is: to set the stage for the feedback loop.
I'm writing to invite your generosity.
I'm writing to invite your invaluable feedback.
I'm writing to invite you to become part of the utopia.
Whether it's feedback for product development or go-to-market strategy or anything you can think of to make the utopia a reality, all types of feedback are welcome.
Please email me with the subject A Chainlien Feedback Submission at: [email protected]
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